Maximise your small hallway with these simple decorating tricks

Do you have a small hallway? The hallway is often one of the most neglected spaces in our homes, a dumping ground for shoes, coats, post, keys and all the other general paraphernalia that you grab at the last minute as you are leaving the house. Yet, as the first space that guests see when they enter your home it is worth spending the time and effort to ensure your hallway has instant wow factor.

Make a feature of coats and boots

Embracing the ‘clutter’ makes a small space feel less encroaching. A fun peg board-style wallpaper creates a sense of purpose on one wall. Paired with a simple peg rail and attractive baskets the space becomes immediately identifiable as the place to store garments, nothing more.

A handy bench provides an elevated seating area, where the baskets can be neatly stowed underneath – making the best use of limited space.


Revel in the practicality of smart shelving

A simple shelf, above concealed storage units, provides the perfcet place for keys, welcoming vases of flowers and family photos to give your small hallway a touch of personality.

Mirrors are always a great idea for small spaces, to reflect light. In a hallway they become even more valuable to quickly check your hair before you leave the house. A mirror with a shelf in a hallway, well that’s just magic! You get the light, the reflection and a place to pop things to remember or keepsakes to display. Win, win.


Maximise space with bespoke storage

Maximise the decorative potential of storage by choosing built-in open units instead of those with doors. Place against a wallpapered wall – here, a grey geometric pattern not only makes a fresh backdrop, but turns each section of the storage unit into an attractive separate storage zone.

Introduce a zingy secondary colour for added up-to-date style and why not get the children involved with low level hooks just for them? Alongside signature yellow, use black and white accessories to make the space homely.

Single out a wall for pattern

Add a summery feel to your hallway with a splash of sunshine. The area under these stairs would be a dark, uninteresting space if it wasn’t for the uplifting flash of yellow wallpaper that cheers the room up no end. A yellow bin, cleverly used as shoe storage, adds a modern twist. Mix the tones from sunflower to sand with a standalone bench and coat hook in warming beech wood.

Add a sense of depth with a stair runner

Look to the stairs to help open up an internal staircase. Hallways with steps that have a solid wall rather than open balusters can be among the trickiest of spaces to decorate. Make the most of this tiniest of spaces by making a feature of the stairs. This stripped back oak staircase is a thing of beauty and it provides a visual contrast to the grey painted wall panelling either side. Fit a smart stair runner with a strong linear stripe that draws the eye upwards to the light-filled landing above.

Stop them in their tracks

Blend moulded forms, geometric design and classic marble for a timelessly elegant look. Make a bouquet of fresh green foliage your focal point by planting it in a larger-than-life lacquered planter. Here, a geometric faceted head demands to be looked at. Break up an expanse of white and grey with a vibrant colour – yellow works a treat in a contemporary scheme.


Realise the potential of plants

If your hallway is too small to house large pieces of statement furniture, you may still have the space to fit a narrow console, ledge or shelf – or make use of a windowsill if you have one. Think about the decorative possibilities of potted plants. Select them according to their sculptural shape and size and use pots and planters for the colour elements. Create a line of jolly specimens that will be as pretty as any picture. What’s more, you can swap and change individual plants or pots when the mood takes you.

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